iPhone Location Tracker for windows

The iPhone Location Tracker for Windows is a standalone application that will automatically detect the iPhone location files that are stored on your computer. Once you pick a data file, you can filter the location points by date and accuracy and then choose to view them on a Google Map or Open Map.

iPhone Location Tracker iPhone Location Tracker
Date Version Comment Download
27/04/2011 0.6 Updated date / time formats to ensure the application works with US date / time formats Download (32-bit)

Download (64-bit)
25/04/2011 0.5 Added Accuracy filter to improve quality of the data that is plotted, added a "check for updates" link, code tidyup.
24/04/2011 0.4 Added support for OpenStreetMap / OpenHeatMap - same as used by original iOS version
24/04/2011 0.3 Fixed a bug introduced in v0.2, added automatic backup detection.
24/04/2011 0.2 Reworked the UI, added an option to cluster the data points to imporve performance, added a raw data view, general updates
22/04/2011 0.1 This is the initial version of the tool.

The application uses version 3.5 of the .NET Framework - this can be download here.

The application also requires that users have not opted to encrypt their backup data.


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